Q:  Who are the Mersey Thirstdays Hash House Harriers?
A:  A drinking club with a running problem.
Q:  Sweet, a running club! I am getting ready for a marathon, so this will be great training, right?
A:  Yes, especially if you plan on only doing about an hour of the marathon before quitting and having a beer or several.
Q:  Can I bring my children?
A:  Yes, provided they are over 18 years old. We end up in a pub.
Q:  So what happens on a hash?
A:  The pack of runners follows a trail set by the hare, which consists of signs made with flour or chalk. After an hour of running or wandering around lost, the pack reconvenes at the start for the circle.
Q:  The circle?
A:  Where transgressions are noted and atoned for.
Q:  Where do you run?
A:  In the general Liverpool and Wirral area. Ideally the start is close enough to a Merseyrail station or other public transportation that car travel is not necessary.
Q:  What do I need to bring?
A:  Yourself, comfortable running gear, and beer money. On cool evenings, an extra layer or two to keep warm during the circle, and on dark evenings, a torch of some sort might come in handy. If you are lucky there will be someplace to stash unneeded items during the run.
Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  Your second hash is free, before and after that the cost is 10 Vietnamese Dong, but we will also accept British currency, in which case the cost is 3 Pounds Sterling.
(The last time our Hash Cash had that much Dong she couldn't walk straight for a week)
Q:  And that will get me...?
A:  Beer, and other beverages, maybe some food, and unsurpassed company and culture.
Q:  OK, OK you badgered me into it. How do I join?
A:  Just show up at the

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